Friday, February 15, 2008

Happenings in my life! =)

I haven't posted anything other than scrapping information or what my kids kick butt doing...LOL....but I know several friends visit and have no clue what's going on with us these days! After enduring a marriage that for 2 years was met with constant road blocks and arguing due to his inability to faithful, I am getting a divorce. Now, don't get all boo-hoo on me....Lord knows I did all my crying when I was trying to keep this together and I finally figured out when that smiley faced light bulb went off in my head that is was OVER! I have moved on, my kids are happy and now he gets to deal with his reality of life. If it weren't for my friends and my wonderful family, I would not be in such great spirits as I am today. Sure, I still have gloomy days, but instead of it being EVERY single day of my life......I have very few!!!!!

Now that that is out of the bag...LOL....the kids are doing great! I guess it's obvious I've sort of taken a hiatus from scrapping to just concentrate on me and figure out life again. The kids even noticed Mom was singing again and laughing, which apparently I wasn't doing too often. That was definitely an eye opener to hear your 10 and 5 yr olds tell you something like that. I love my kids so very much!!!!

I ask you to just pray that we stay safe and healthy and I will eventually get to scrapping again. It's been a nice little break and my DT term at CSS is ending at the end of February.....I'll be posting before that!

Love going to you all!!!!