Friday, September 28, 2007


TGIF is an understatement! I subbed 4th grade all week and I am soooooo happy it's over! I"ll sub again for a couple days, but OMG a week was insane! LOL

Well, even with all the insanity of my week, I've managed to create some LOs very dear to me for a circle journal group I am in! This is one about being in the kitchen or around a kitchen table. I made this LO about some old bowls that were handed down to me from my grandmother. These yummy papers are Daisy D's and can be found in the store at the Shack!

Creative Scrap Shack has alot in store for all of you, so please check us out and visit often! HAPPY SCRAPPING!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CSS Kits just keep GOING....

....and GOING....and GOING!!!! I am still using my Oct kit from the Shack and I still have enough for a layout and probably several cards! Word has it that the kits also usually have more paper in them....MORE PAPER!!! I have so far made 2- 12x12 LOs, a card and an altered 5x5 mini album...and I still have loot left! It's amazing! Tam and Terrie have also given us sneak peeks into November's kit and OMG....slap yo Momma beautiful!

So, now that you are in suspense, check back here and the Shack on Oct 1 because that is REVEAL DAY!!! My very first reveal....and I so excited!

Monday, September 24, 2007

2 Years later....

Well, today is the day I stayed up 24 hours listening to Hurricane Rita blow through. I was only an hour from home......NOT where I wanted to be, but after DH made a last minute decision to board us up we just didn't make our target area because we were exhausted. So, we ended up elsewhere than where I really wanted to be. 3 Weeks later.....we returned home....but thankfully I only endured 2 days at our stop and the rest was living with....MY MOTHER! LOL It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We finally made a run to our home after 2 weeks to get the fridge out and access the damage....which was minimal compared to some neighbors and our neighboring parish. My children will never forget this...I certainly never will either. I'm thankful we still have a home standing and each other.

Please pray for our friends in neighboring CAMERON PARISH. You haven't seen much coverage because EVERYONE left this parish....friends helping friends, etc. This parish was 90% wiped OFF the face of the earth and 2 years later some are still rebuilding....still struggling to get the help they need. I'm not discounting those affected by Katrina, but everyone around here is quite testy because this little parish (actually it's quite large) hasn't been remembered.

The greatest lesson from Rita/Katrina.....get out any way you can. The government in N.O. should have done more to help their people. The federal/state government and big TV networks should do more to promote what happened in Cameron Parish. We've stomped and pleaded and George Clooney and the President have been, but little national coverage has hit this area.

Ok, off my soap box now. I have many friends who were severely affected by this. If I've offended anyone with my thoughts, it was not my intention. I still remember those who lost life and home in both hurricanes and the world learned a really hard lesson.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


WOW what a week! Each week seems to be worse than the one before! LOL I've been subbing ALOT and I am booked all this week for my DS's class...but I think I need a few days break to do lots of things around this house. I am used to cleaing and doing laundry on specific days and my schedule has not allowed for this! It's driving me insane....that's my OCD coming out! I have been able to scrap with my CSS kit however, and I am finishing a mini album tonight! The reveal is coming soon and I can't wait to share everything with you all!

CSS is ROCKIN' and if you are visiting my blog but you haven't checked out CSS...PLEASE do! The most wonderful ladies are there and OMG....we have so much fun! There is a HALLOWEEN CROP on October 20 starting at 9 a.m. and I am so excited about this one! We're also having some really cool and unique challenges this month and next month so please come and join the fun!!!!

The kids are doing AWESOME in school and karate! We have another tournament coming soon and they are excited about it. DD is having a few issues with talking in class....but I knew that was coming! LOL DH has no clue when he's coming home and honestly it's taking a toll on me. We've been arguing alot and I hate it, but we'll get through it like we have before....I am just grateful for my kids, my mom and my scrappy friends for all your love and support!

Have a great week everyone! HUGS AND HAPPY SCRAPPING!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

PageMaps Toot

I can finally share my card I made for PageMaps Sept newsletter! Becky sent me an awesome sketch to work with and I can finally share it with all of you!

It's also been a week since I posted and I've been CRAZY busy! The kids have karate almost every day of the week and they are doing such an awesome job with their new material! School is going great and I have been substitute teaching ALOT! The next 2 weeks I am booked solid so I tried to get as much done this weekend as I could in the house and outside! The weedeater isn't working right, so I have no idea what to do until I get DH to answer his email. Report cards come soon....can't wait to see what the results are! Everyone have a blessed week!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Finally scrapping again!

WOW it feels good to use my scrappy supplies! I've been so busy with school and the kids, I have not scrapped in a while. I finally finished some circle journal things (that are late) and made a LO of my boy! Please take a moment and take a peek!!! HAPPY SATURDAY!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


WOW...this week is flying by! Monday was a holiday here for us, so we didn't have school! We wanted to hit the beach, but the rain sent us to the movies and we saw the hilarious "Rush Hour 3"!!! LOVE the Rush Hours!!! Other than school and karate, I've been cleaning out cabinets and trashing the trash and everything else is in a huge box for Care Help - a local goodwill type place in our town!

Now the scrappy stuff! CSS IS HAVING A BACK TO SCHOOL CHALLENGE MONTH! The DT at CSS has teamed up and we are now "teachers" giving our "students" assignments to complete! You should really check it out because it is a wealth of inspiration and so many ladies have already jumped on board and are completely those assignments! Here's a link that takes you to the master list of all the challenges: Please register if you are not yet a member (say hello and I sent ya!), then sign in on the "sign in" thread and let us know you are playing....then....GET SCRAPPING!!!! I'd love to see some of my new friends I've made through this blog of mine to join in the fun! It's a great community with NO DRAMA and totally fun! OH!!! My assignment is the Home Economics class and it's all about hand sewing....NO RUBONS AND NO MACHINES!!! Here is my LO I made for my example:

This LO is near and dear to my heart as it is of my grandpa's swing that he made out of a bus seat that he'd removed when he bought a school bus and converted it to a camper when I was wayyyyy younger! I spent many days swinging with him or alone on here and now that both my grandparents are gone, I had to snap that picture before the house was sold. Now I can look at this LO for the rest of my life and just smile thinking of them! TFL!

The other exciting news: my first DT kit for CSS arrived yesterday and I am so excited! The entire kit was designed by Senior DT members Tam and Terrie, and let me tell you they did a great job!