Sunday, July 29, 2007

Final CSS DT Call Creation Posted!!!

WHEW!! I am finished! Boy this last LO really had me going! I really wanted to use this particular picture of my DD for this LO which was using at least 3 different techniques. I was really getting annoyed because I didn't think I had the right paper to use for it....then I dove into my stash and found some!!! I am very happy with the outcome of this LO and everything I have created for this call! Whether I make the team or not isn't what ultimately matters....I was challenged for this call unlike any other since usually they want you to submit your "best" work! I loved this call and truly enjoyed what they made us do!!!! Thanks for checking out my work and the comments you've all left....I truly appreciate it!!!! And without further is the last LO I've created for the call......

The techniques I used were: stamping, tearing, inking, and chalking!!! TFL!!!!

OY....almost forgot my "excitement"....ROFL.....I broke my pinky toe!!!! Long story short: DD left her stool in the blasted through the kitchen in the dark....WHAM...toe meets wooden stool and Mom nearly hit the floor!!! it's just a pitiful, purple little toe!!!! But, alas, I have things to do and people to take care and most baby girl's 5th birthday to worry this little toe will not slow me down!!! LOL

Hope you all had a great weekend!