Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PageMaps Toot!!

With all this insomniac activity happening today, I have totally forgotten that I have been asked to create a card for Becky Fleck's September CardMaps!!!! I was published in May and she'd been trying to email me but I wasn't receiving them :(, so I got paranoid and thought maybe she didn't like my work...so I emailed her and politely asked if I were still on the contributor list! She said YES and she'd been trying to reach me!!!! WHEW!!!! I can't share my creation with you all until the September newsletter comes out, but I promise to post a link once the newsletter is complete!!!!

UPDATE on the Insomnia: ROFLMBO.....Ok, well, after I ate lunch and made a quick Walmart run, I began to fade with RAPID SPEED! It actually brought back memories of nights out with a tad too much to drink and all your body wants to do is shut down. So, we got home, I asked the kids to PLEEEEEEASE let me sleep......I LOVE MY ANGELS!!! I slept for about 2 hours...enough to energize me and keep me focused on driving and DS's karate class AND get home to make some quick mac&cheese. I am about to get comfy because I am slowly going down....LOL Guess I won't be scrapping tonight; but I will get to veg out with my kiddos!! LOL

Insomnia SUCKS!

Okay, I have never had true insomnia and tonight/today I have experienced it. UGH!! I have been having trouble sleeping through the night for months now, but I always sleep enough and feel rested most days. Last night, I went to bed around midnight and laid there for 2 hours....got up.....went back to bed around 3 a.m. Laid there some more....dozed off for a bit, then the bladder called my name....UGH!!! So here it is 7:30 a.m. and I am still awake!!! ACCCKKKKKKKK!!! I should just go shower, get the kids up...go to Walmart so I can try to nap because we have karate later this evening. If it weren't for my burning, dry eyes, I'd be okay! LOL
Ok...enough whining! Here are 3 of my 5 DT call entries for Creative Scrap Shack! My fav is the LO of my beautiful daughter! Please check them out....TFL!!!

I used Basic Grey Perhaps as my Showcase Product and I loved using it!!! TFL!!!!