Tuesday, August 7, 2007

32 Years Ago.....

32 years ago, my parents welcomed a big baby girl! ROFL I was considered "huge" back then, and now I would be average! Anyhow...yes....today is my birthday!! WOW...I can remember thinking 30 was "old" and always wondered what it would be like to be 30-something. Well, I can attest I really don't feel any different than I was at 23. There are differences though: I'm wiser, I'm more confident, I'm more emotional....but when I look at myself...I don't see an age; however, when my body aches, I totally feel way older than 32!!!! ROFL

My day is going to be great! I get to hang out with my kids, eat a great lunch (with my fav dessert: Millionaire Pie) at my mom's house; go to karate and then later tonight meet my dad and his wife for supper! So, I plan to have a HAPPY day!


Last night I finally did some scrapping! I'm very behind on my July CJ with one group, but in an hour, I had 2 pages I am very happy with! We had to scrap our favorite holiday, without using Christmas OR duplicating one already used! Well, I LOVE Christmas from the reason for the season to the fun stuff, and birthday was already used....so I had to get my thinking cap on! My friend Carol and I tossed around ideas and I came up with Groundhog Day!!! This year was so fun waiting to hear about the little guy because my son was aware of this particular day now and he was thrilled when the groundhog came out before we left for school!!! It was very exciting for him, so I have a new found love for Groundhog Day! LOL