Friday, February 15, 2008

Happenings in my life! =)

I haven't posted anything other than scrapping information or what my kids kick butt doing...LOL....but I know several friends visit and have no clue what's going on with us these days! After enduring a marriage that for 2 years was met with constant road blocks and arguing due to his inability to faithful, I am getting a divorce. Now, don't get all boo-hoo on me....Lord knows I did all my crying when I was trying to keep this together and I finally figured out when that smiley faced light bulb went off in my head that is was OVER! I have moved on, my kids are happy and now he gets to deal with his reality of life. If it weren't for my friends and my wonderful family, I would not be in such great spirits as I am today. Sure, I still have gloomy days, but instead of it being EVERY single day of my life......I have very few!!!!!

Now that that is out of the bag...LOL....the kids are doing great! I guess it's obvious I've sort of taken a hiatus from scrapping to just concentrate on me and figure out life again. The kids even noticed Mom was singing again and laughing, which apparently I wasn't doing too often. That was definitely an eye opener to hear your 10 and 5 yr olds tell you something like that. I love my kids so very much!!!!

I ask you to just pray that we stay safe and healthy and I will eventually get to scrapping again. It's been a nice little break and my DT term at CSS is ending at the end of February.....I'll be posting before that!

Love going to you all!!!!


shelley said...

wow. girl. i knew something major was going on. just had that vibe, you know? i am so proud of you for standing up for YOU and for what's right. i know i've been awful at staying in touch - but i do visit regularly. glad to see you coming around. bug hugs to you, momma. xoxo Shell

Fletch said...

Glad to hear you are doing well!!! Hang in there and enjoy the changes!

Dorthe said...

Glad to hear you are doing well....
Cyper Hugs from Dorthe.

Amanda L. said...

So glad you are singing and the kids deserve it!!!

Zarah said...

Babe - anytime you wanna talk about crawfish parties, life or nothing really... You know where to find me! Luv ya!

Martha said...

I'm glad you're figuring it all out and are happy with life again. We miss you at the Shack! Come visit us soon!

Martha said...

He Tricia! You've been tagged. Details are on my blog.

Lisamariemlt said...

hey girl I miss yah
would love to keep in touch
I drop by often but know you have things happening
stay strong
love the kiddies
and keep in touch

Jane said...

Hello! I found your blog on the Simply Obsessed website! I was reading how you lost 40lbs. I have about 40 lbs to loose and was on a great road but girl scout cookies came. What is your secret...?


Laura S. said...

I was blog surfing & just popped over here & don't know you but had to post a comment after reading. I went through a similar thing 8 years ago & it was the best decision I ever made. I have a fabulous life now.

Good luck to you & your kids!!

Martha said...

Hey Tricia! Long time no hear from you! You've been tagged! Visit my blog for details.

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

I am so happy that you are finding happiness again. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and don't forget you can talk to me anytime.

Tami said...

Hey Tricia!

I just wanted to pop by and see how you're doing -- I'm hoping the last two months since you've posted has been AWESOME and not the other way around...LOL

Miss seeing you around, but I know family and life comes first.

We're over at if some one didn't let ya know. Hope to see ya soon ;)