Sunday, September 23, 2007


WOW what a week! Each week seems to be worse than the one before! LOL I've been subbing ALOT and I am booked all this week for my DS's class...but I think I need a few days break to do lots of things around this house. I am used to cleaing and doing laundry on specific days and my schedule has not allowed for this! It's driving me insane....that's my OCD coming out! I have been able to scrap with my CSS kit however, and I am finishing a mini album tonight! The reveal is coming soon and I can't wait to share everything with you all!

CSS is ROCKIN' and if you are visiting my blog but you haven't checked out CSS...PLEASE do! The most wonderful ladies are there and OMG....we have so much fun! There is a HALLOWEEN CROP on October 20 starting at 9 a.m. and I am so excited about this one! We're also having some really cool and unique challenges this month and next month so please come and join the fun!!!!

The kids are doing AWESOME in school and karate! We have another tournament coming soon and they are excited about it. DD is having a few issues with talking in class....but I knew that was coming! LOL DH has no clue when he's coming home and honestly it's taking a toll on me. We've been arguing alot and I hate it, but we'll get through it like we have before....I am just grateful for my kids, my mom and my scrappy friends for all your love and support!

Have a great week everyone! HUGS AND HAPPY SCRAPPING!!!!