Monday, September 24, 2007

2 Years later....

Well, today is the day I stayed up 24 hours listening to Hurricane Rita blow through. I was only an hour from home......NOT where I wanted to be, but after DH made a last minute decision to board us up we just didn't make our target area because we were exhausted. So, we ended up elsewhere than where I really wanted to be. 3 Weeks later.....we returned home....but thankfully I only endured 2 days at our stop and the rest was living with....MY MOTHER! LOL It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We finally made a run to our home after 2 weeks to get the fridge out and access the damage....which was minimal compared to some neighbors and our neighboring parish. My children will never forget this...I certainly never will either. I'm thankful we still have a home standing and each other.

Please pray for our friends in neighboring CAMERON PARISH. You haven't seen much coverage because EVERYONE left this parish....friends helping friends, etc. This parish was 90% wiped OFF the face of the earth and 2 years later some are still rebuilding....still struggling to get the help they need. I'm not discounting those affected by Katrina, but everyone around here is quite testy because this little parish (actually it's quite large) hasn't been remembered.

The greatest lesson from Rita/Katrina.....get out any way you can. The government in N.O. should have done more to help their people. The federal/state government and big TV networks should do more to promote what happened in Cameron Parish. We've stomped and pleaded and George Clooney and the President have been, but little national coverage has hit this area.

Ok, off my soap box now. I have many friends who were severely affected by this. If I've offended anyone with my thoughts, it was not my intention. I still remember those who lost life and home in both hurricanes and the world learned a really hard lesson.