Saturday, October 27, 2007


WOW how time flies these days! It's been over a week since I've posted and I have so much to say! LOL

CSS NEWS: The BOO BASH CROP at Creative Scrap Shack was AMAZING and so FUN! We had a great turnout and we all really enjoyed welcoming some new members! The challenges were so creative and different and the creations made by the members for these challenges are out of this world! Carman is still adding product to the 50% off section and new items are arriving almost daily!!!!

KID NEWS: My kids ROCK!!! They really and truly do. I cannot imagine a day in my life without them, even when some days are tense and a little out of control! All in all, they are happy and they make me so very happy and honored to be called MOM! They both recently had testing again in taekwondo and DS received his purple belt and DD has moved up to camo belt, which means she gets to start sparring! She is so pumped and ready for this! Check out these pics of them proudly displaying their new belts:


HALLOWEEN PARTY: Tonight we celebrated Halloween a little early with a party at our karate school! I dressed up with the kids and we had a blast! This is my first "official" Halloween party in my 32 years....but my second if I count DS's bday party one year that was a costume party! We had gumbo, yummy treats, a haunted forest, a pinata and lots and LOTS of great company! Check us out:

I was Athena, DD was a Barbie Cheerleader and DS was Peter of Narnia! They had a costume contest for each age group and BOTH of my kids WON!!!! They were so excited and I was beaming from ear to ear!!!!