Thursday, August 7, 2008

33 years ago.....

.....I came into this world, screaming and guns a blazin'!!!! LOL It's been a pretty good day.....I got a really cool digital picture frame and it's the coolest darn thing I've gotten in a loooong time!

Summer is coming to an end for us really fast. My kids start school next Friday and I start my job at the doctor's office I used to work for years ago on Aug. 18...YIKES!

Hope everyone is well, safe and happy!


Zarah said...

Happy biiiirthday... to... yoooou!
Happy biiiirthday... tooo... yoooou!
Happy biiiirthday... deeear Tricia!
Haaaaappy toooo you!

*does a Marilyn Monroe*

Hope your day will be as bright, uplifting and wonderful as YOU are!!
BIG hugs!

Lisamariemlt said...

Happy Birthday Girlie
From one leo to another-never stop roaring-that's what keeps life interesting
be good and have a great year ahead full of good health, happiness and make one wish and may it come true!

Carol A. said...

I hope you had a truly wonderful birthday Tricia...sorry I am a little late with this wish!!!