Thursday, October 11, 2007


Gosh where do I start??

CREATIVE SCRAP SHACK......things are just amazing here and if you haven't visited the Shack, you must! It's totally fun and filled with so much inspiration and wonderful ladies it's unreal! We've revealed our October creations and our CHALLENGES will be posted October 15!!! These are based on a theme and so FUN!!!! You must check it out!!

Also at the Shack......our HALLOWEEN BOO BASH CROP!!!! Saturday, October 20 starting at 9 a.m. Central time!!! You don't want to miss this!

MY KIDS......well, they just ROCK!!! Last weekend we went to Ruston, LA for the "Rip through Ruston" karate tournament and they were AWESOME! I am so proud of both of them! DD shined and won her trophy for "Best Black Belt Attitude"!!! She looked adorable with her matching bow I made!

DS ROCKED this tourney! He placed 1st in Weapons; 3rd in Sparring and 3rd in Forms! He was really hard on himself after forms.....he was tied and had to redo his form and he almost fell coming off of a step-reverse side kick. He broke down as soon as he finished, but he collected himself like a CHAMP and hammered his weapons form (which truly does rock!). Sparring has been his most difficult task because of his personality and he totally left that outside the rink. He has a huge bruise on his elbow ( cuz they sparred on a wooden gym floor ) but is so proud of that bruise! LOL

Here they are with their trophies.....aren't they just adorable??!!!?

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