Friday, August 17, 2007

Tagged by Terrie!!!!!

My dear friend Terrie tagged me and now I need to finish these statements and then tag someone.....

I'm happiest when....I am surrounded by my kids and my husband and we're snuggled all together watching a movie!

Someday I'm going to... learn to relax and not sweat the small stuff (but it's really hard)!

When I'm really down, what I want to do is... surround myself with happy people and my children. There's nothing like a little one looking at your and saying "I love you Mommy"!!

I feel anxious and my husband argue; or I have dreams of my children hurting.

I like people who... down to earth and REAL!

All it takes to make me happy is... my children, my husband, a beach, Jalepeno chips or an ice cold Corona!

What I really want to do is...raise my children to be respectful of themselves and others and give them the happiest childhood I can; travel to Australia or Africa.

A person really should...think before they speak and MEAN what they say. NEVER LIE.

If I could do whatever I wanted, I to meet all my scrappy girls and my friends who live far away!

And now my turn to tag's your turn!!!!

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Kory Dordea said...

Great to learn more about you! I also need to learn to relax and to not sweat the small stuff - so hard!!!