Thursday, August 9, 2007

Are you a BAD GIRL???!!!?

OMG this site is just YUMMY!!! I saw a post about it on Zarah's blog so my inquiring mind got the best of me! Ok, I am just plain nosy and OMG....the colors alone would keep me visiting this site!!!! It's called BAD GIRLS....and I also see my pal Cari Fennell (who is a major deal in the SB world IMO) there on the DT!!! So, now I have placed my logo here hoping they check me out!!! There is a chance to
win a RAK if the Patrol finds their logo on your site, in your siggie, etc.!!!

If you're here!

I swear every DIVA should check this place out! I have registered and now I await my approval, but I think I'll be hanging out a little to see what all these "bad girls" have up their sleeve!!!


Zarah said...

Glad I made you come - it IS a great site, though, isn't it? And SO pretty kits! Typical that I found them just when the kits where sent - but I'm definitely gonna check the deal for next month! :D

Kip said...

I was just over there checking it out as I saw it on Zarah's site too. It looks very cool and love the kits.

Karen said...

Need to check this place out now - curiousity you know!?!!!